the official mountain blade website

the one and only official website for ben richard's new manga mountain blade

sorry but i have deleted the first manga page because of a visibility issue but dont worry it will come back in the best state possible.

i have now uploaded the first page of the manga and it is read from left to right and since its quite large you have to scroll through it. It is in the photos section.

the official front cover of mountain blade volume 1

a larger version can be viewed at http://www.mountainblade.zoomshare.com/files/mountain_blade_manga/mountain_blade_front_cover.bmp

i have uploaded two of the first concept designs of miziaki in the photos section.

if anyone has any questions, ideas or a character they have made that they would like to see in my manga e-mail me at mountainblade@zoomshare.com


I have just uploaded 2 photos sorry but its not the manga im still in the process of getting it up on the site.

hey guys im currently in the process of putting the first few manga pages up.

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